Learning Through Play

CK02070415-(088)We at Crown Kindergartens recognise each child’s individuality, efforts and achievements and, therefore, plan a curriculum that stimulates a love of learning; fostering a healthy development.

A rich learning environment is provided where children can learn, are given appropriate responsibility, and are allowed to make errors, decisions and choices. We believe that children learn by ‘doing’ rather than being told and our staff fully support and encourage them in their individual journeys of self-awareness and developmental growth. Our beautiful garden (created and re-designed as part of our 40th year anniversary celebrations in 2014) is a wonderful place for the children to enjoy, play, relax and continue and enhance their learning journeys.

At the nursery we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

Children are encouraged to make their own choices in respect of a variety of structured activities. This will assist in their development towards becoming a self-assured and confident child.

‘children’s unique care and learning needs are very well understood and provided for by skilled and committed staff’   (Ofsted)

CK02070415-(024)We actively encourage the children to learn respect for each other and the environment within which they live, and we ensure that there is equality of opportunity for all the children in our care.

Of the many activities on offer at Crown, listed below are a few examples of what the children can choose to participate in: cooking and measuring, french puppet theatre, drama, story telling, growing and nurturing (eg watching eggs turn into creatures), making camps inside and outside, musical movement, dance, singing and instruments, sensory textures with foot painting, mini olympics, puppet shows, art and messy play, water play, sand play, computer activities, visits from firemen, police, nurses, hairdressers, etc. We continuously strive to enrich our children’s physical, educational, social, emotional and spritual development by introducing various additional activities on a regular basis (for example Lucy Sparkles and Friends music and dance classes and Zoolab). As we feel that these extra ‘professionally run’ activities contribute to the whole ‘Crown’ experience we never ask our parents to pay any more than our stated fees for these newly added activities.

Our cosy and comfortable book corner is a perfect place to relax and where your child can simply enjoy some quiet moments.

‘Parents are very happy with the service provided and this is epitomised by their praise for children’s rapidly developing speech and language, developing drawing and writing skills, eagerness to attend each day, and the commitment of staff who are ‘always happy and friendly’   (Ofsted)