Fees and Funding

Publicly Funded Places for 3 and 4 Year Olds

Crown Kindergartens (subject to Local Authority and Department for Education regulations) is able to claim on your behalf for the early years funding currently available for all three and four year olds (15 and 30 Government funded hours).

Our fees, as stated in our current prospectus, are fully inclusive of all meals, snacks, nappies and all additional services that we add regularly to our sessions throughout the year (eg. Musical Movement and Drama, Teddy Tennis, Play Phonics, Zoo Lab, etc) and at no extra cost to our parents. Occasionally, we offer voluntary theatre trips at a discounted cost for our children, where a small extra charge is payable.   

Childcare Vouchers

If your employer is willing to help, there are tax efficient ways in the form of childcare vouchers, which are deductable from your salary before tax. We are experienced in using all schemes, please contact us for more information.

Discount forAdvance Payment of Fees

We offer discounts to our six monthly and annual fees if paid for in advance, please contact us for a prospectus.

Sibling/Twin 10% Discount

If two or more children within the same family are attending the nursery at the same time we can offer a 10% reduction from the older siblings's fees each month.  We also offer a 'Twins' discount where both children will receive 10% reduction in fees.

St George’s Hospital 10% Discount

We also offer a 10% discount to all employees working at St George's hospital.

* Please note only a maximum of two discounts can apply at any time.