Help With Costs

Government Grants/Early years entitlement for three and four year olds

Subject to Local Authority and Department of Education regulations Crown Kindergartens Day Nursery is able to claim on your behalf the Early Years Entitlement funding currently available for all three and four year olds. Our fees, as stated in our current prospectus, are fully inclusive of all meals, snacks, nappies and all extra levels of service that we add regularly to our childrens’ sessions throughout the year (french puppet theatre, baby yoga, jumping beans music and movement classes, etc) and at no extra cost to our parents. However, please note that the current Early Years Entitlement is limited 15 hours per week over 38 weeks of the year (our services run for 52 weeks of the year) and that the ‘free early learning’ funding we receive is non-inclusive of our meals, snacks, additional services and additional childcare hours throughout the year. This funding only covers the Early Years Foundation Stage provision and does not include the extra hours and additional services that we, as a full daycare setting, choose to provide. As funding received from the local authority changes each term it will not be possible to pay by standing order and we ask our parents to swap their payment method to automatic bank transfer or debit card on a month by month basis. Invoices will show the amount of funded hours being deducted from your fees each month. Please also be aware that fees will not be reduced to Crown’s 3 year old rate until funding ‘kicks in’ (term after third birthday) and no other discounts will apply once your child is in receipt of government funding.

Please Note:

This government funding may not always be available depending on any changes that the Government introduce relating to the operation of the scheme. As the funding received is in respect of the ‘free early learning’ place only, providers offering specialised services, meals and hours ‘over and above’ this ‘free early learning’ place (which includes the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum) are allowed to make additional charges (eg, meals, specialised activities like yoga, french,etc and extra hours and weeks that funding is not available) as long as parents have been made aware of the fees before placing their child at their chosen setting. We remind parents in our Terms and Conditions that we are a full daycare setting operating over 52 weeks of the year and not just term time and that our fees and extra services, meals etc are payable for every week of the year.

Sibling Reductions

If two or more children within the same family are attending the nursery at the same time we can offer a 5% reduction off the older siblings’s fees each month.

Discount for payment of yearly fees

We can offer a 10% discount off of our yearly fees if paid and cleared in advance.

Childcare Vouchers

If your employer is willing to help, there are tax efficient ways in the form of childcare vouchers which are deductable from your salary before tax. We are experienced in using all schemes, please contact us for more information.